Q:  How do I know what size marquee I will need?

We can talk through all the options available and give you a guide on what is the best size for your special event. Each individual event is different and we discuss personally with our customers and take in all their requirements to provide you with a fully personalised bespoke quote.

Q: Will you come and look at the site for the marquee?

As part of the quote process we offer a no obligation free visit to assess and survey the location to ensure that all the unique site requirements and constraints have been identified, and more importantly, so we can sit down and offer the personal service that we are known for to discuss face to face what your full requirements are to provide with a bespoke quotation.

Q: Will I need to be there?

You will need to be there first and last thing to confirm all details before we begin, and for us to ensure you are happy with everything. After we have installed your marquee and all amenities, we will walk round the marquee showing you how to work the electrics and heater, and also answer any last questions you may have.

Q: Do you set up my furniture?

The set-up of the event furniture is not included, however, we will deliver all the furniture inside the marquee as our clients prefer to set the layout of the event themselves as part of the dressing of the marquee.


Q: Can the side of your marquees be opened during warm weather?

As the marquee is a modular structure any perimeter wall section can be opened or removed for access.  Our panoramic windows are especially popular as these can be rolled up to provide a clear open section to bring the outside in if the weather is particularly warm.

Q: Do your marquees have windows?

We also offer clear panoramic or Georgian style window walls, if you wish to admire the view from your marquee, and for access we provide a set of double opening glazed French doors (including push bar fire exit control and disabled access ramps if required) as part of the marquee as standard.

Q: What is a clear span marquee?

The clear span marquee is the most widely used structure as they are without any internal poles or external guy ropes and obstructions. Due to this you are able to build virtually any rectangular or square design from a blank canvas and it is simple to add more details onto the main marquee like a porch, a catering marquee, or covered toilet area. All our clear span marquees are built to the highest standards and specifications and consist of a robust aluminium frame with heavy-duty and durable white PVC walls and roofs.

They can be supplied in variety of widths of 3, 6, 9 and 12 metre spans and in any one of these sizes they can be built up in 3-metre-long increments depending on your requirements.

Q: How does the marquee cope with adverse weather conditions?

The clear span structure can cope with the more harsher weather conditions than other traditional marquees, however, it is still a temporary structure and can be vulnerable in extreme weather conditions (especially high strong winds).  Snow can put an additional strain on the roof covers in severe conditions and under these circumstances, we advise that heating levels need to be maintained to keep roof sections clear.

Q: What is the difference between lined and unlined marquees?

Lined marquees are suited to most events and where an aesthetic finish is required, our ivory linings transform any marquee for a special event. We also supply swags around the eaves of the marquee for those that require lining. With an unlined marquee, the framework and structure are visible from the inside.

Q: Are the marquees suitable for winter events?

Marquees are suitable throughout any of our seasons and you can create a warm, dry and cosy event at any time of the year.


Q: How long does it take to build a marquee?

The time taken to install the marquee can vary depending on size, location, complexity and internal finish required.  Small build events are normally completed in one day but some larger events such as weddings or corporate hire may take anything from 2 to 3 days.  We always aim to have the full build completed to provide you at least one full day prior to the day of the event so you enough time to add the personal touches and finishing details.  We do not leave until your marquee is up to our high standards, and we complete a walk around with all our clients after the installation to make sure you are happy with the final marquee.  On average it normally takes around half the build time to dismantle and remove the structure. We will furnish you the with both the start and finish dates of the build and removal at quote process.

Q: How long is the marquee hire period?

Marquee hire is usually for a single event that normally lasts over one to two days, however, it can be hired for any length to meet your requirements (particularly for long term corporate hire).

Q: Does the marquee need to be erected in grass?

A marquee can be erected on any flat surface. Concrete weight ballasts can also be used to secure marquees if the surface cannot be pinned into the grass or gravel (e.g. on concrete, paved or cobbled surfaces).  These are only used to ensure the security and stability of your marquee, should it be situated on ground that is hard standing.

Q: Will the marquee damage the grass?

There will be no permanent damage to the grass. If the structure is left up for a great deal of time the section of grass that is covered may fade in colour, however, it should naturally recover quickly.

Q: How flat does the surface need to be?

The structure itself is quite forgiving and can cope with slight undulations and gentle slopes. We offer a free no obligation site visit as part of the quote process to evaluate the site with you.


Q: Do you hire furniture and other extras?

We have many optional extra’s that you may wish to include such as flooring, carpeting, different lighting, dance floor, outside lighting, reception tents, catering tents, heating, tables, chairs, linen, heating, generators and power supply, luxury toilets, staging, and patio heaters. All of our hire services are available on the website.

Q: Will I need a generator in my marquee?

If you cannot safely supply electricity to the marquee (if you are on a farm or field for example), then you will need a generator to provide electricity for your lighting, luxury toilets, band, bar, caterers, etc.

Q: Will I need heaters or are the marquees warm enough?

Even in the height of the summer evenings it can be a little chilly (and especially if your event continues to the early hours of the morning) and our state of the art thermostatically controlled heaters provide gentle warm air to maintain the temperature of the marquee, even in sub-zero temperatures.


Q: What are Abracadabra Marquees & Events terms and conditions?

All of our Terms and Conditions are available to view here.

Q: Do I require insurance for my marquee?

Yes, the damage waiver fee is included in our quotes (5% of the total amount). If you choose not to include this as part of the hire and prefer to get your own insurance, then you must provide proof that you have insurance to cover the marquee and equipment. Our public liability insurance covers for up to £2 million.