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5 Things To Remember When Hiring A Marquee

5 Things to remember when hiring a Marquee

Hiring a marquee is an important decision.

Whether you are planning for your forthcoming wedding, that special Golden Wedding or you are arranging your granny’s 80th birthday or that all important conference there are 5 things to keep in mind when it comes to marquee hire:

How many people?

Hosting an event where you are crammed in like Sardines in a tin is no fun for anyone nor by the same token can the thought of having an empty marquee the size of an aircraft hangar make your party feel like a funeral! So the first step is to know the exact number of people that will be attending will allow you to work with the hire company to find the perfect sized marquee for your occasion.

Experience and referrals

Ask your supplier for referrals or case studies from their clients they have worked for and talk to them to see if they have made their day special. Check out their reviews online or even call by to see one of their marquees in situ. Do your due diligence for your big day

Don’t do last

If you are hosting an event in a busy season we recommend that you in the time honoured tradition of Fred Pontin…”book early!” as we know too well that summer is the busiest time of the year to hire a marquee and leaving it too late may mean having to put up with a marquee that is the wrong size or not suitable for the occasion.


Marquees can be hired independently or you can usually buy a package that includes event management and the food and furniture and dressing. Just imagine a wedding with 200 lively guests?  You will need a sizeable dance floor with plenty of space for would be strictly come dancers and a large supply of tables and chairs for guests to feat on wedding cake.


To have a budget in mind allows you to narrow in on your options and keep you from wasting your time discussing your marquee that may be outside your price range. That said making your decision based solely on price alone may also leave you with an event that isn’t entirely perfect and it may be best to go with an option you can afford but working closely with the marquee hire company to ensure that it also won’t look too cheap. We can work with all types of budgets.

Look for a marquee provider that offers 3D Imaging and to scale drawing so you can see for your self how everything will be set out and how much room your guests will

We can help you with your party tent or your wedding hire by following these 5 tips to make your event special.

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