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Five great reasons to choose a marquee wedding!

Here are five great reasons to choose a Marquee Wedding!

You choose your venue.

All you need for a marquee wedding is some space!

This space might be at home, whether that is your own home or a parents, but if there isn’t room there are plenty more options.  Over the past few years field marquee sites have grown in popularity and the best have something extra to offer, such as spectacular country views. When looking for a field locality many couples also head for a special location that holds particular memories but there are also many established wedding venues which use marquees to host receptions and they often have accommodation available as well which means you may get to spend the whole weekend partying!

You get to design a marquee that suits your day and it built for you!

You are closely involved in creating a space that suits your vision for your day.  Ideally you should choose a marquee company that enables you to be part of the design process so you get a marquee layout that makes the very best of your location and budget

Your marquee is built especially for you.

We also pride ourselves at Abracadabra that no two marquee weddings are ever quite the same. Your marquee is built for you making it unique for your wedding day!

More flexibility in guest numbers.

You get to choose your guest numbers with a marquee.

Whilst you do need to make sure that you have got the right size structure to accommodate everyone it’s essentially up to you how your day works. Whether you prefer informal, whatever your day or evening guest numbers a marquee is a flexible room which can be created in a size to fit your specific wedding or event.

You can decide on your theme and decorations.

The best thing about having a marquee wedding is that it is a blank canvas (pun intended) and you can add your own thoughts and designs. Whether you choose to have a large banquet with rustic trestle tables or an elegant meal with large circular tables it’s you who can decide on your own layout. Interior wedding decorations and accessories for marquees are endless and the only thing stopping you is your imagination!

 Stress free

 Most importantly choosing to hire a marquee for your wedding is stress free as you have the guiding hand of one of our project managers. We provide wedding management and planning and even on site staff for your big day to ensure everything runs smoothly. We design your marquee using the latest technology and carry out free site visits and our expert team erect your marquee in plenty of time before the big day!

Stress Free Wedding

Stress Free Wedding

There are many other reasons as to why you should consider a marquee and if you like to learn more then on hiring the perfect marquee please get in touch.

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